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Tim Bruniges

Daniel Crooks

Jack Lanagan Dunbar

Angelica Mesiti

Brendan Van Hek

‘We may conjecture that somewhere in the cosmos, beyond the border of all human trace, a zone of silence awaits…a great sea of stillness unperturbed by the animate, an utterly quiet virgin territory. But our imagination misleads us.’

John Biguenet, silence (2015), p. 3

Nothing is static or silent.

The words themselves are misleading. On the one hand, ‘static’ could suggest a lack of movement, something steady and unchanging. But then again, it might also refer to the crackle of an electrical charge, the snow on the screen of an old TV. And what we perceive as ‘silence’ is in itself a form of static, a steady stream of white noise forever teetering on the threshold of audible sound.

This exhibition considers the elusive nature of these terms. Works by Tim Bruniges, Daniel Crooks, Jack Lanagan Dunbar, Brendan Van Hek and Angelica Mesiti converse across the spaces of the gallery, offering up moments caught between stasis and movement: sound, object and image suspended in flux.

The Lock-Up

Newcastle, Australia

May 6 - June 12, 2016