*Video documentation best experienced through full-range speakers/headphones

ROOM 220, 2018

microphone, 8.1 sound, performers
performance installation over three days


ROOM 220 was a site-responsive performance sound installation that took place within the Music Department of New York University in January 2018. Over the course of three days, 23 musicians engaged with the live, regenerating installation through 7 different scheduled performances, in both solo and ensemble contexts. Through engaging myriad different sounds, styles and approaches to improvisation, each performer established new connections between their instrument, the regenerating live sound of the installation and the time and space in which the performance was contained.

List of performers in chronological order:

  • Amirtha Kibamdi
  • Marc Hannaford
  • Viola Yip
  • Thessia Machado
  • Lester St Louis
  • Caitlin Cawley
  • Sofy Yuditskaya
  • Amalgama Ensemble
  • Nina Dante and Brandon Lopez
  • William Dougherty
  • Bethany Younge and Pablo Chin
  • D Baron and Dave Koenig
  • Jenn Grossman
  • Oren Shoham, San Hain, Max Horwich and Barak Chamo

New York, USA
January 26 - 28, 2018
Video documentation by Tim Bruniges