MIRRORS Aalst, 2017

*Audiovisual documentation best experienced through full-range speakers/headphones

MIRRORS Aalst, 2017

microphones, speakers, parabolic concrete acoustic mirrors
infinite duration

Site-responsive live sound installation for Murmur 


MIRRORS Aalst employs two large concrete acoustic sound mirrors reminiscent of those constructed by the British military on the southern coast of England during the inter-war period. In this work, two mirrors are oriented in an inward facing configuration over the expanse of the town square in Aalst, Belgium. Each mirror has a microphone at its centre, amplifying and regenerating the sounds of the environment through two speakers positioned to sound recursively back into the focal point of the mirrors. 

Netwerk center for contemporary art
Aalst, Belgium
April 8 - July 2, 2017
Video documentation by Tim Bruniges